Government Careers can be Demanding

So when our clients find us, they want help with financial matters they haven’t had time to handle:

They’re overwhelmed with their options, but aren’t sure who to trust with their finances

They know about FERS, pensions, TSP, 401(k) etc. — but not how they work together, or the best ways to use them

They’ve just retired — and find the sudden loss of a salary nerve wracking

Their lives have taken an unexpected twist, and they’re searching for support

They want to be sure of their spouse’s well-being after they pass

Our Clients Find Us Because Their Finances Have a lot of Moving Parts, and They Just Don’t Have the Time to Figure it all out.

They’re not interested in picking the next big stock. They don’t care about crazy momentum stocks or “crypto” bets.

They want a trustworthy advisor who considers their real lives, keeps them informed, and supports them throughout the process.


You deserve to KNOW – not wonder – if an advisor saying you’ll be “okay” means sitting on the couch and paying the cable bill…

Or if you’ll actually be able to take those trips you’ve dreamed about.

Whether you’re going through a big life transition… or you’ve found your spending habits have changed post-retirement… or have lost your spouse and are now left to organize your finances alone…

It’s our job to help give you the tools and clarity to get where you want to be.

You’ve spent your career in the service of others. Let us serve you now.

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Josh Strange

Josh Strange is the founder and president of Good Life Financial Advisors Of NOVA. He is a veteran of the United States Air force and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Josh loves helping people who have spent their lives serving others. He specializes in working with active and retired government employees, contractors, and military personnel through every stage of life.

Through his years of service in the financial industry, Josh has gained a reputation for doing what’s right for clients, and has gained the trust of his community as a financial guide. He is a member of the Forbes Finance Council, and regularly is featured on TD Ameritrade Network, Investment News, Barrons, and more.

Josh is married to his wife Theresa and has three active sons, Nathaniel, David and Caleb.

Meet The Team

  • Erik Steudle

    Erik Steudle, CRPC®, APMA®

    Senior Partner

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  • Noah Brooks

    Noah Brooks, CMT®, CIPM®

    Director of Investments

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  • Kanon Ream

    Kanon Ream

    Research Assistant

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  • Andrew Hoffman

    Andrew Hoffman, CLTC®

    Insurance Specialist

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  • Amy Hyde

    Amy Hyde

    Director of Client Services

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  • Julie Kemp

    Julie Kemp, CFP®

    Financial Planner

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  • Tristan Peschka CRPC®, APMA®

    Financial Advisor

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