Depending on How it’s Used, Money can Become a Master or a Servant.

We specialize in developing strategies that put your money to work and help prepare you for a comfortable retirement.

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Financial Planning

The financial industry is complex and hard to navigate. And the last thing you need is a fast-talking “advisor” in a three piece suit telling you what to do. We don’t just consider the numbers, but your life situation before we collaborate with you on your next best step.

Retirement Planning

Don’t let predatory financial advisors rob you of a great retirement. Your retired years should be spent doing things you’ve always wanted to do. Not worrying about money. You’ve sacrificed income while working with the hope of getting it back later. We make sure that you do.

Estate Planning

Often overwhelming and never a pleasant subject. But a necessary conversation to ensure that those you leave behind are taken care of and protected. We help you reach peace of mind through clear, careful planning.

College Savings

Investing in your childrens’ education can be one of the most expensive things you help them pay for. But it need not set you back as much as you may expect. We can help you offset this expense.

Social Security

You work hard for decades to build up your Social Security. But there are mistakes many make that cost them not just thousands, but tens of thousands of dollars when they finally go to claim. Let us help you create a concrete strategy for claiming your Social Security.

Medicare Planning

Healthcare is big business, and it only gets more complicated and costly as we get older. And Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Whether it’s necessary to protect yourself with further coverage depends on your health, finances, and other considerations. Get help from us directly, instead of wading through your options alone.

Life Insurance

When the unexpected happens, it’s shocking to everyone involved, especially if unprepared for. But what’s the best life insurance policy for you? We’ll be happy to walk you through the plans, IF it’s right for you at this moment.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you are in your 50s or 60s, the prime time to consider long-term care insurance is now. It may seem early, but waiting until you need it will be too late. Instead of spending all your hard-earned money on health care later in life, let us help you decide if LTC insurance is worth it for you now or not.

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