Take a look at some case studies that represent scenarios we encounter in our work. While fictitious, these case studies give a good idea of who we frequently serve.

Safe And Peaceful Retirement

Daniel is a recently retired fireman. He’s married, with 2 grown children. He has a good retirement but it’s not a lot of money. Although he wants his money to work for him, he doesn’t want to take too much risk. His main priority is that his wife is taken care of when he’s gone.


Retirement can be confusing. Daniel felt overwhelmed, and that he needed someone to help him through the transition to Social Security.

The other thing that kept him awake at night was his need to be sure his wife was going to be ok when he wasn’t there anymore.


Daniel knew about the importance of working with a financial advisor but the one who had accompanied him all those years had also retired.

A little bit overwhelmed by the situation, he tried to find another one, but no one seemed to be a good fit. His deep feeling that a lot of FA’s are just there to make money started to materialize. He needed someone he knew he could trust. Someone who would listen and put together a personalized strategy for his unique situation.


One day, Daniel found that someone. He met a financial planner who listened to what he was going through and his main concerns.

The FA put together a strategy that met the couple’s needs. Daniel was especially surprised by how knowledgeable this planner was and after some first conversations, they started partnering up.

Not only did he know what he was doing, but he was trustworthy and his service and attention went beyond Daniel’s expectations, which made him feel all his concerns were well taken care of.


Daniel found exactly the financial advisor he was looking for. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, someone who truly cared.

The FA put together a retirement strategy where Social Security was only one small part.

He took into account the couple’s concerns, needs, and desires, and they were able to build a safe and peaceful retirement.