Case Study: Jack

A Couple Struggle To Find A Trustworthy Advisor.

Jack case study

Wise Financial Planning For Service Retirement

Jack is 72 years old, and he’s a former army member. He’s married to Ana, who was also a government employee as a public school teacher. They’re retired, but they’d been partnering with a financial firm since they were still working until they realized their assets were not being very well taken care of. That’s when they decided to make a turn. After their current Financial Advisor pursued them for 18 months, they decided to start working with him, and they’ve been ever since.


When Jack was about to retire, he realized a lot of big firms or independent financial advisors approached him wanting to make him their client, but none of them seemed to care about listening to his needs.

Jack and his wife had some concerns like “What should we be worried about and we’re not? What are we worrying about that we shouldn’t? Are we going to be able to travel? What will life look like for us when our salaries collapse into pension mode?”

So they needed to partner with someone that would help them navigate all those uncertainties that come with retirement, especially being government retirees when some things are different than with civil retirement.


Being a government retiree is not the same as retiring from civil work. There are different aspects to keep in mind and to take into consideration.

Their Financial Advisor at the time was not leading them in the right direction when it came to certain assets because they were not taking into account Jack and Ana’s particular situation.

They felt included in a cookie-cutter plan and they needed someone who would really listen and care about their unique needs. Someone who’d take care of their assets in detail and as if they were their own.

The couple started to think they may need to take a different path and go to someone else. But who would that be? No one seemed to be able to answer their main question. “Are we going to be ok?”

That’s when they met their current independent financial advisor.


This financial advisor didn’t pitch them on anything. Instead, he asked if he could take a look at their bank statement and then asked some questions, listened, and made insightful recommendations.

“I wouldn’t do this for my father,” he said about a tax-related matter. He didn’t say he was better, but he certainly explained how their assets could be taken care of properly.

Jack and Ana thought that this man was in the right place to help them. He proved to be knowledgeable and trustworthy, so they started partnering with him.

This financial advisor listened to the couple’s main goals when it came to money. Their needs and wants, their main concerns and the lifestyle they wanted to achieve.

Then he put together a streamlined and personalized strategy to make the couple’s transition to retirement smooth and fruitful. Additionally, he suggested that Jack and Ana contact someone to do their taxes because that’s what they should be worrying about.


Thanks to this Financial Advisor’s personalized plan, Jack and Ana could transition from salary to pension as government retirees with total control and optimization of their assets.

They were able to save, invest and accomplish their retirement goals without worrying about whether they would be okay in the future. They know they will. Thanks to the FA putting them in contact with the tax planner, they could also optimize that part of their income and be able to achieve everything they’d wished for in their retirement.