Case Study: Jack

A Veteran’s Retirement.

Jack case study

Jack is a 72 years old Navy retiree who had a second career with a large defense contractor. He’s married to Ana, a retired public school teacher. Unsatisfied with their previous financial advisor, they decided to make a change. 


Understandably, Jack and Ana had some concerns. What should we be worried about? Are we going to be able to travel? What will life look like for us when our salaries go into pension mode?”

They needed to partner with someone who would help them navigate the uncertainties that come with retirement.


With their previous advisor, Jack and Ana had felt included in a cookie-cutter plan. They needed someone who would really listen to them, and give them what they needed for their individual situation. 

No one seemed to be able to answer their main question. “Are we going to be ok?”

That’s when they met their current Good Life financial advisor.


During the meeting, the financial advisor didn’t make product pitches. Instead, he asked questions, listened, and made insightful recommendations.

“I wouldn’t do this for my father,” he said about a tax-related matter. He didn’t say he was better, but he certainly explained how their assets could be taken care of properly.

After Jack and Ana hired him, he put together a streamlined strategy to make the couple’s transition to retirement smooth and fruitful. Additionally, he recommended a professional for Jack and Ana to contact for their taxes — an important part of their financial plan they hadn’t considered.


Thanks to this financial advisor’s personalized plan, Jack and Ana felt confident transitioning from salary to pension without compromising the lifestyle they had dreamed of.

They were able to save, invest and accomplish their retirement goals without worrying about whether they would be okay in the future. They know they will.