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While every client is different, we notice some common characteristics in clients who we are uniquely qualified to serve. We have found that our clients receive the most value from us when they are in the middle of—or preparing for—a major life transition. They typically spend their careers in service to our country, either in the military, as a federal employee or as a government contractor, and have a long list of financial matters they haven’t had the time to handle. We work with collaborators—people who are busy and want help getting their financial house in order.

We also have a lot of experience serving surviving spouses and family members after the death of a loved one. We take extra care to walk beside these clients every step of the way as we work to understand and settle the financial affairs of the deceased.

Take a look at some case studies that represent scenarios we encounter in our work. While fictitious, these case studies give a good idea of who we frequently serve.

Meet Carl & Deborah Waterman

Having saved for years without any definite retirement plan, Carl and Deborah are worried that they might not have saved enough. With hopes to retire in only a few years, they need help streamlining and organizing their financial assets.

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Meet Nancy Winslow

Widowed unexpectedly after 34 years of marriage, Nancy is preparing for the upcoming retirement years alone. She has been looking for sound financial guidance to help her settle estate issues, organize her accounts and make a retirement plan.

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Meet Jack and Susanna Thompson

As federal government employees, Jack and Susanna have been contributing consistently to their retirement accounts without paying much attention to their investments. Now that their children are grown, they have questions about what comes next and how to prepare.

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When it comes to financial planning, finding the right fit in an advisor is essential—and finding the right fit in a client is critical for the advisor as well.

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