We held a webinar focused on essential investment strategies for short-term cash, with the aim of helping clients earn more interest while keeping their investments safe. Our experts discussed three primary investment strategies, including laddering, brokered CDs, and Treasury bills. Along with this, they highlighted the importance of considering individual financial situations before making any investment decisions.

The webinar emphasized that these investment options are timely and can benefit those holding a fair amount of cash in the bank. They can discuss brokered CDs and recommend suitable options that are in line with the client’s best interest. It should be noted that these are not long-term strategies, and the team will look at the totality of a client’s situation before making recommendations.

As always, our team is focused on providing financial literacy resources to our clients, and they are happy to have a conversation with anyone who has questions or wants further advice. They use JPMorgan’s market data to guide their recommendations and are urging clients to reach out if they want a recording of the call or to discuss one of the discussed investments in more detail.

During the webinar, the team also discussed the yield range of Treasury bills and answered audience questions regarding bank health, holding and deposits, and specific investments. They recommended that clients consult their tax professional to determine how certain investments might fit into their financial situation.

Overall, the webinar provides general information and recommendations for short-term cash investments, while also encouraging the audience to engage and share their ideas. The team is committed to providing financial literacy resources to their clients and is always ready to help them make their money work. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team if you’re interested in short-term investment strategies or want to stay up-to-date on their future webinars!

Watch: Making Short Term Savings Work for You

Video: Making Short Term Savings Work for You

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